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Luxury weekend homes

Investing in Cliff Cherry promises financial spikes, giving you maximum returns in minimum investment. Discover the crafted benefits and beyond.


Training Sessions

Corporate Meetings

Corporate Events

Destination wedding

Reception Party / Private Parties

Pre-wedding shoot

Film Industry event


There are scores of reasons why you must pick the unique location of Mulshi. Apart from being a great investment, the serene location allows you to experience sanity in the green escape.

Mulshi is an ecotourism hotspot with excellent natural serenity in a peaceful environment. Owing to its revitalizing and tranquillizing experience, Mulshi City serves as one of the top gateways for Pune and Mumbai. 


Luxury Revenue Generation Amenities


Spa & Wellness

Banequet hall

Confarance Session


Game Zone


Infinity Pool

Yoga Room

Electric Shuttle Car


Property Value

We`ve Made Land ownership enjoyable and rewarding
  • Green In Demand

    Invest in safe havens that are professionally managed to enhance natural ecosystem

  • Secure

    The safest, physical possession in a gated community that can be enjoyed by generations

  • Revenue

    In the revenue sharing model, the partner receive a portion of the generated revenue as per the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

  • Hassle Free Management

    You will get a hassle free rental with zero maintenance

  • Wealth

    Save up to 3,50,000 p.a. tax with 3x greater rental

  • 3X Rental Yield

    It is a honest investment which ensures you 3X & Rental yield

why invest in Cliff Cherry

prelease operator model

These suites/units are managed & maintained completely by the operator at his cost- thus freeing you of the hassles involved in renting out property on your own

Passive Rental

The rental agreement/business conducting agreement for 10 years will be done with the owners, and it will be renewed after the slab of every 10 years.

no locking

Owner is allowed to sell his/her property and exit from the project any time after completion of the project. Infect we provide "Exit cell" support to sale the property


All the investors will be partners in the company, and they will get their share in the revenue earned by the entire project..

structure payment

Each month income is credited directly to your bank account through ECS from operator, Making collection of rent a stress-free and automated experience.

Break even achievement by 5 to 7 by rental

Unlike a normal apartment, flat or office where EMI is 2 to 3 times greater than rental income, Incase of these investment, income is always greater than EMI and hence the project pays for itself and due to such excess income.

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Location Highlight

Hinjewadi IT Park

  • Hinjewadi is a rapidly developing suburb located in the western part of Pune,
  • It has become a hub for IT companies and is known as the IT hub of Pune. 
  • Phase 11 of the Hinjewadi IT hub is set to expand.
  • 30 Hinjewadi hosts an impressive workforce of one million employees.
  • Pune city holds the second position in the IT sector ranking.
  • Add 8 Lac+ Employee working in Hinjewadi IT park and 8k+ company are working  
IT Infrastructure

  • Hinjewadi is home to various IT parks, including Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Blue Ridge SEZ, and Embassy TechZone, among others.
  • Hinjewadi is well-connected to other parts of Pune through various modes of transport, including buses, taxis, and trains.

Infrastructural Development

Chandani Chowk Metro hub

We know that Chandani chowk is the top entry/exit point to Pune city. In order for the Metro extension project to reach Chandhi Chowk, a Metro hub will be created at the Chandani Chowk junction. Further, the government has started the flyover project in Chandani chowk junction. When infrastructure is built then development always follows. Once the metro hub is formed in Chandani chowk junction, just imagine the infrastructure around it.

Pirangut MIDC

industrial park established by MIDC in the town where
many manufacturing and processing companies are
located. Most of these are located near Ghotawade
Phata. Some of the prominent companies include Vulkan
Technologies, Bobst India, Randack Fasteners, Phoenix
Mecano India, Nalco India, and Champ Energy Ventures

Lively Mulshi

Types Of Asset Classes


  • 24/07 SUPPORT


  • Represents ownership in a company
  • Investors are not guaranteed fixed returns

Fix Deposit

  • Lack Of Volatility
  • Modest 5-7% Retrun

Weekend Homes

  • Annual Return 3x ROI
  • Loan Is Available

Tourist Attraction

People Likes Mulshi Because Of This Tourist Attraction Places.

Corporate Amenities


In meetings, a group of people from a corporate organization gather together in a place for an official reason often for business. We are the only HOTEL that provides CORPORATE MEETINGS More than 1000+ top MNCs are located around our location. We have Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, and many more top MNCS


Incentives are provided to the employee as a reward or to motivate according to their previous performance. According to the survey done by The Incentive Search Foundation, Incentive travel is becoming a part of corporate culture and more than 60% of corporate buyers reported that their budget for incentive travel has increased since 2017. Mulshi is the first to provide 100 rooms, this serves as a key to attracting families


Sales Meeting



Just a Drive Away

30 Minutes Drive from Hinjewadi IT Park


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